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Miller's Antiques Price Guide: 2005 - Elizabeth Norfolk (Editor) SUMMARY
Miller's Antiques Price Guide 2005 covers traditional antiques such as furniture, pottery, porcelain, glass, and silver, but also includes the decorative arts, textiles, posters, kitchenware, and much more - over 60 subject categories in all. Items date from the Antique right through to the latest in contemporary design. This year's special features cover carriage clocks, Japanese ceramics, Doulton pottery, and pewter. There is also a Focus on Scotland section which covers furnture, pottery (including Weymss ware), clocks, barometers, silver, jewellery, Arts & Crafts, arms, and Tartanware and Mauchline ware. Packed with information boxes on the market and price trends, makers, and historical detail.

Furniture, Kitchenware, Pottery, Porcelain, Chinese Ceramics, Japanese Ceramics, East Asian Ceramics, Glass, Silver, Wine Antiques, Silver Plate, Clocks, Watches, Barometers, Decorative Arts, Twentieth Century Design, Lamps & Lighting, Rugs & Carpets, Textiles, Fans, Jewellery, Enamel, Faberge, Gold, Asian Works of Art, Islamic Works of Art, Architectural Antiques, Sculpture, Metalware, Leather, Papier Mache, Treen, Tunbridge Ware, Boxes, Music, Icons, Portrait Miniatures, Silhouettes, Artists' Materials (possible), Antiquities, Tribal Art, Books & Book Illustration, Maps & Atlases, Dolls, Dolls' Houses & Accessories, Teddy Bears, Soft Toys, Toys, Ephemera, Rock & Pop, Scientific Instruments, Marine, Cameras, Optical Devices & Viewers, Photographs, Arms & Armour, Militaria, Sport, Focus on Scotland, Glossary, Directory of Specialists, Directory of Auctioneers
20th Century Roadshow
 - Judith Miller Make sure you bag the bargains with this handy and portable, collectors guide from acclaimed expert Judith Miller. Whether you are buying or selling at flea markets, car boot sales, collectors' fairs or on e-bay, check what it's worth here first. Includes valuable information on costume jewellery, rock and pop memorabilia, modern first editions, cameras, modern glass, toys, posters, ceramics and watches. "...the clearest, most user-friendly way of getting real value for money whatever your collecting interest" Antiques Magazine on Collectables Price Guide 2004
Art Deco: Collector's Guide SUMMARY:
The definitive, all-colour guide for any Art Deco enthusiast, showcasing over 1,000 individually priced items. With up-to-date tips and advice from bestselling expert Judith Miller, this glorious guide will show you all you need to know about Art Deco. From Clarice Cliff to Chanel, you can't afford to buy or sell without it. Judith is the ideal expert to guide both amateur and experienced collectors ...' Homes and Interiors
Encyclopaedia of furniture SUMMARY:
A glorious encyclopedia from expert Judith Miller, showcasing more than 3,000 years of design. From primitive pieces to elegant modernity, this definitive guide illustrates every style and form, with tips on how to recognise the key elements of each period. Featuring lavish, full-colour photographs throughout. Foreword by furniture designer and manufacturer David Linley. 'Judith is the ideal expert to guide both amateur and experienced collectors ...' Homes and Interiors
Miller's Collectables Price Guide SUMMARY:
The book is clearly divided into 80 subject categories and sub-sections, with sections devoted to automobilia, art deco, games, and money boxes for instance, along with the more traditional antiques categories such as ceramics, silver, and glass. This year special features include dogs, computer games, sunglasses, vinyl records, denim, and sportswear. Pieces range in value, showing that there is something to suit every collector's pocket, from "Pocket Money Collectables" to "Record Breakers". A thorough and accurate cross-section of the current international market is provided as all items have been sold or offered for sale at over 350 auction houses and dealers from around the world over the last year. Extra valuable collecting information is provided in boxes, covering factories, makers, care, restorations, fakes and alterations, market assessments, and buying tips. Further reading is also highlighted throughout, along with lists of collector's clubs, auctioneers, and specialist dealers.

Advertising & Packaging 11, Aeronautica 23, Amusement & Slot Machines 27, Antiquities 30, Architectural Salvage 32, Art Deco 35, Art Nouveau 37, Arts & Crafts 39, Autographs 41, Automobilia 47, Badges 53, Bicycles 54, Books 57, Bottles 69, Boxes 72, Breweriana 74, Buttons 78, Cameras 80, Ceramics 85, Cigarette & Trade Cards 155, Comics & Annuals 419, Commemorative Ware 163, Corkscrews 174, Cosmetics & Hairdressing 176, Dolls 181, Eighties 191, Ephemera 192, Erotica 195, Fans 198, Fifties 199, Games 202, Garden & Farm Collectables 208, Glass 210, Handbags 218, Horse Collectabloes 224, Jewellery 231, Kitchenware 244, Lighting 256, Luggage 259, Maps & Atlases 261, Masonic Memorabilia 264, Medals 267, Medical 270, Militaria & Emergency Services 273, Money Boxes 279, Natural History 280, Newspapers & Magazines 283, Noddy 285, Paper Money 286, Photographs 287, Plastic 289, Postcards 291, Posters 294, Puppets 299, Radios, Gramophones & Phonographs 300, Railwayana 306, Rock & Pop 309, Scent Bottles 325, Science & Technology 327, Sci-fi, Film & TV 331, Sewing 340, Shipping 342, Silver & Metalware 347, Sixties & Seventies 355, Smoking 361, Sport 366, Teddy Bears & Soft Toys 379, Telephones 383, Textiles 387, Tools 401, Toys 402, Treen 419, Umbrellas & Walking Sticks 420, Watches & Clocks 421, Writing 423, Pocket Money Collectables 426, Collectables of The Future 427, Record Breakers 428, Baca Awards 429, Directory of Specialists 431, Directory of Collectors' Clubs 437, Directory of Markets & Centres 440
Antique Marks - Collins gem series SUMMARY:
This pocket-sized guide to identifying and interpreting metal and ceramic marks has been improved with the addition of the most recent hallmarks, along with details of the new hallmarking system. Do you attend car boot sales or browse in antique shops in search of bargains? Have you ever wished you knew more about grandma's silver spoon? Do you envy the experts' ability to identify and date old hand-me-downs? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, Collins Gem Antique Marks is for you. Packed with thousands of clear illustrations, the book shows hallmarks on silver, gold and platinum, as well as those on Old Sheffield Plate, pewter, pottery and porcelain. Complete with a history of hallmarks and how to read them, Collins Gem Antique Marks is absolutely indispensable. The book provides: Full hallmarks for silver from London, Edinburgh, York, Norwich, Exeter, Dublin, Newcastle, Chester, Glasgow, Birmingham and Sheffield, along with maker's marks from these cities. Up-to-date hallmarks for gold and platinum. Old Sheffield plate marks, showing the variety of maker's marks. Pewter marks and a selection of pewter touch marks.

Pottery and porcelain marks showing both letter and name marks, and symbol marks. Redesigned in new Gem style.

New edition including details of new hallmarking system Over 3500 marks illustrated Sales of over 100,000 copies of previous editions An essential companion for anyone interested in buying, looking at or collecting antiques
Miller's Collectables Price Guide 2005 with over SIX THOUSAND COLOUR PHOTOS!
How To Use This Book, Acknowledgments, Introduction , Advertising & Packaging, Aeronautica , Amusement & Slot Machines, Antiquities, Architectural Salvage, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts, Autographs, Automobilia, Badges, Bicycles, Books, Bottles, Boxes, Breweriana, Buttons, Cameras, Ceramics, Cigarette & Trade Cards, Comics & Annuals, Commemorative Ware, Corkscrews, Cosmetics & Hairdressing, Dolls, Eighties, Ephemera, Erotica, Fans, Fifties, Games, Garden & Farm Collectables, Glass, Handbags, Horse Collectables, Jewellery, Kitchenware, Lighting, Luggage, Maps & Atlases, Masonic Memorabilia, Medals, Medical, Militaria & Emergency Services, Money Boxes, Natural History, Newspapers & Magazines, Noddy, Paper Money, Photographs, Plastic, Postcards, Posters 294, Puppets, Radios, Gramophones & Phonographs, Railwayana, Rock & Pop, Scent Bottles, Science & Technology, Sci-fi, Film & TV, Sewing, Shipping, Silver & Metalware, Sixties & Seventies, Smoking, Sport, Teddy Bears & Soft Toys, Telephones, Textiles, Tools, Toys, Treen, Umbrellas & Walking Sticks, Watches & Clocks, Writing, Pocket Money Collectables, Collectables of The Future, Record Breakers, Baca Awards, Directory of Specialists, Directory of Collectors' Clubs, Directory of Markets & Centres, Key To Illustrations 443, Index to Advertisers.
John Bly's Antiques Masterclass The book is divided into periods of significant development in the arts and in society in general (ranging in date from 1550 to 1910), and within each of these periods the key antiques categories are explored, including furniture, silver, glass, and porcelain. Key shapes, styles, motifs, and influences are brought to light, with reference to style variations unique to certain countries (such as American Federal Style of the late 17th and early 18th centuries). By examining the fashionable and overriding shapes of each period, the means of manufacture, and the materials available to craftsmen at the time, a picture begins to develop of how antiques are a part of history, and part of an ancient scene that has formed our current etiquette. The final section takes a selection of examples from across the different categories and periods and analyses them to illustrate a practical application of the thought processes explored in the book. Useful information such as a glossary of terms and a directory of museums is provided at the back.

6 Introduction, 10 Emerging Designs 1550-1660, 34 Innovation and Invention 1660-1740, 68 A World of Antiques 1740-1785, 90 An Affluent Society 1785-1830, 136 From Craft to Industry 1830-1860, 176 The New Renaissance 1860-1910, 218 Antiques Analysis, 240 Bibliography, 242 Glossary of Terms, 246 Museum Directory, 248 Index & Acknowledgments
Dorling Kindersley Antiques Price Guide:2005 Whether you're a well-versed David Dickinson or new to the trade, this vibrant and up-to-date guide from antiques expert Judith Miller is a priceless addition to your bookshelf. Features unique, specially commissioned close-up photography to identify key marks and blemishes that make all the difference - don't buy or sell without it.

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